Sfiso Ncwane

Sfiso Ncwane born and bred in the South of KZN Mthwalume back in 1979 April 21st. Sfiso grew up with his aunt when he was just two weeks old, after his mom left him. Sfiso Ncwane received Jesus at a tender young age, after his talent was discovered by the local church.

Sfiso Ncwane had a life changing experience when his wife Ayanda Ncwane introduced him to the man of God Rev Francis Anosike back in 2006. Sfiso then fully repented and was born again in 2006. His life changed for the better, as he got married to his long-time partner and mother of his children Ayanda Ncwane. God blessed them as a couple with 2 Children, Their children being, Ngcweti 9years old and last born Umawenzokuhle 4 years old.

Sfiso Ncwane has gone on to achieve so much and become a living testimony of trusting in God. He has proven to be by far the most influential Gospel sensation in and around the country. With his humbleness, good behaviour, self-respect and respect for others earning him a lot of respect and dignity amongst his fans and supporters.

In spite of coming from a very poor family background, S’fiso discovered his God given talent of being blessed with an amazing musical voice. He started singing at a tender age of 8years. When he reached 10 he began singing isiCathamiya and Gospel songs.

While S’fiso was going through health problems including fainting, being struck by lightning and mentally challenged as a young boy, he did not stop praising God with his angelic voice.

During the mid-nineties he started playing keyboards, bass guitar and drums without any formal training, which led to him being invited to perform at local churches, weddings, parties and funerals.

He was eventually spotted by a man who opened doors for him to sing professionally.