A little more than a decade ago, a hard rocking trio from South Africa, changed its name from Saron Gas to Seether and disembarked for the United States. It was, according to frontman Shaun Morgan, "an emotional decision, by no means easy. Taking that big step was terrifying, but I feel that the decision we made, as tough as it was, was ultimately the correct one."

Talk about an understatement...

Over the course of five albums, Seether -- Morgan, bassist Dale Stewart and drummer John Humphrey -- has proved itself to be one of the rock world's most consistently diverse, unquenchably ambitious bands. And also one of its most successful; Seether has sold millions of albums worldwide, including four gold albums and the platinum Finding Beauty In Negative Places, and launched 11 #1 singles and 17 Top 5 hits across multiple formats at radio, including enduring favorites such as "Broken," "Remedy," "Fine Again," "Fake It", "Rise Above This" "Country Song," "Tonight" and "No Resolution."

Heck, Seether even cranked Wham!'s "Careless Whisper" into a Top 5, platinum hard rock ballad.

SEETHER 2002-2013 certainly backs that up, taking stock of the group's first decade or so of accomplishment. After all, how many bands can really deliver a best-of compilation that spans two discs, with each of the 27 songs -- including rare B-sides, film soundtrack contributions and three eye-opening demos -- as strong as the next, representing a catalog rich in defining, adventurous moments from the first single, "Fine Again," to new offerings "Safe to Say I've Had Enough," "Weak" and a high-octane treatment of Veruca Salt's "Seether," which inspired the group's moniker all those years ago...