Dreaming_4 (Prod. by Dinkie )

Sean san ft Dinkie




Uuh..whatsup! Ya
Uuh .. uhm.. My name is Sean san...
I just wanted to say.. uh uh




I should have seen it coming/
They thought we dump and stupid/
But nothing come between my intuition without my spirit knowing/
They seem like Jesus people.. I trust em/
I don't really know what I was thinking/
I lost track of what I was doing/
I've seen my life flashing/
But thank God that I was breathing/
This could be the lesson that God was teaching/
Right there!.. I got my motivation/
D told me to go on and spit it/
He said khoi lose yourself in this music/
What if your people hate it/
What if this music was the reason why you niggaz breathing/
Man I was dreaming/
I'm blinking/
Nothing is changin, the pain is real, everyday a nigga die on the street/
It's mad but we still going back at it/


I should have seen em coming
I should have seen em coming
I should have seen em coming
I should have seen em coming

[Verse 2]

I should have seen em coming/
I always seen em coming/
I always seen em friendly/
They always seem so smiley/
They said they were boys and girls to the end/
The beginning of genesis I know it doesn't make any sense/
Nothing really does, does it?/
I had some strange visions/
I was on this crazy mission/
My objections was obtaining the title and be the champion/
The king of the jungle/
I'm still fighting/
This what I teach to these children/
There is a not to untangle/
If you always know what you wanted/
There is no shame in being humble/
There is no game if you don't stumble/
And there is no life if you don't struggle, just hustle/



Nigga!.. That's Khoi San!

Fuck it, that's Sean motherf*@kin San!

Whaat tha heeell nigga?!.. dammit!
Shii!. nigga I'm outta here

Wha' tha fuck..?