Blind (Remix)

Bring it back old school bring it back
Dj Dimplez on the decks, now bring it back
Bring it back, bring it back
Towdee Mac on the hook, now bring it back

Bao jela mona
Bao jealasetsa
Eintlik bao tlwaela blind
Bare wena ha o tsebe ho jaiva

[Verse 1: L-Tido]
Bang jela mona,
I been had hits since ‘09
Don’t compare me to these kids sies le ntlwaela blind
How you mad? I evolve.
Hommie you on the same old shit
I don’t like being boxed in ntwana I’m claustrophobic
I ain’t going nowhere, I’m in it for the long run
Ntwana chesa, bhut madlisa
Fuck you rapper go and bow
Lame rapper whatchu on ‘bout?
O bari ne sat hole bana till you put a song out
I’m trying to generate some few bucks

It’s money over bitches, I could give two fucks
Rappers in their feelings, damn ya’ll need group hugs
Im in love with loot, you’re just in love with Lootlove

[Verse 2: Towdee]
Awu step up in the house man
Ke ba kenela mkhwenyana with the cows, man
Swagger only on a hunned thousand
Don’t wanna kill ‘em they already know who the boss man
Strong drinks of course, man
But don’t bring the wrong drinks I want Cognac
Before drinks, I want the coldest cash
Before this I might stretch a little flow with that
They can’t hold me back
Everybody talk about re blometse Towdee Mac
Bare Towdee you the bomb
Let em know where you are from
O ba shape ba se fole black
Cause you know these cats


[Verse 3: Kid X]
Ga ke le teng go monate akere?
Diwa moer toe, geen tyd for papadi
Sweety etla kwano ko bone
Ke kgathetse ke di ver kyker
Eintlik for wena nkare ke vutha setswadi
Nna lwena soos vetcake le mafali
Came here this fresh knowing you might find me
Brought tons of charm cause you’re to die for
I just want to make you my blood diamond
Jinda daai moegoe van jou
Tla kwano ko kenye styling
Jinda daai moegoe van jou
Tlao o vrostane bo ma timing

[Verse 4: Kwesta]
It’s that K1 mfana wa di busa
See a hater like, what up what it do?
Tell a bad kuthi cut a brother loose
I got too many bitches to be fucking with the dudes, hayibo
Yeah, Im somewhat of a douche
What I got to lose, I just gotta chuck a deuce
Tell her boyfriend, knuckle up a move
We can all have fun, Page got a lot of booze
I mean, whatchu mean, you ain’t about that
I mean, who you know in this bitch can rhyme this cray
I mean, whatchu mean, you ain’t about that
I mean, You wanna cue for drinks, well that’s a punchline ay!!


[Verse 5: Pages]
Ay, first of all, R.I.P to the realest
You played your part
I bet you manje you’re with Jesus
It breaks my heart that you’re supposed to be on this remix
And as far as I see it, you’re forever the King of Alex
Cause you put it on the map
Bona, as time goes I know pelo e tlo fola
They know your name down from Khayelitsha to Zola
Im driving with my head out screaming “Heita Hola!”
Fede fede le viki viki I got no doubt
Sphithi phithi for ishintshi shintshi
Im getting mine
And real G’s put the seats on recline
Forget things, come to my hood if you wanna see nines
From sunset to sun up k’dala s’gudla
So keep thinking it’s free uzothol’ isdudla
I’ve been all over these streets
We’re running this Generation – Mfundi Vundla