Oh yeah
Sean Pages and madala baby
Towdee mac and Sean Pages
Going back to the 90's once again
Back to the 90's
How we do
Haai wena
Taking rap back there

Bao jela mona
Bao jelousetsa
Eintlik ba o tlwaela blind
Bare wena ha o tsebe ho jaiva

[Verse 1: Sean Pages]
The vibe is nice and easy, wa bona le wena
And I ain't please go go bona le wena
And it might feel a little strange
But I promise ain't a damn thing changed (Wa bona le wena)
I'm just at your mami
I'm just pitching in stretching my lane (Wa bona le wena)
Few just for the pen
Grootman too fresh for these lames (ska nkatumela)
Custom made blue chucks
Still don't give two fucks
And I'm cool with the new bucks
Can't stop, the money gettin taller than Lootlove
Hola mjukat
Hola bade
I gotta push it
For this money (sfun' imali)


[Verse 2: Towdee]
Step up in the house, man
Bounce in my step when they announce me
And I ain't heard a DJ a di shapa this way
Since back in 2000
Strong drinks on the rocks, fede
Strong links in the chain, tight locks baby
And I'm just here to have a good time
Hit a good prime, T strong, fly off baby
Awu scope-anyana just, browse-a brown
Globes anyana just
The homie Sean Pages done arranged us
A whole truck load of banyana just...
So ka bona wa itsukutsa
Mara hau ya ko dance floor
Show some
Bare hore ke the bomb
Let em know where you're from
O ba shape ha bohloko because...