From Alex With Love

I started the ‪#‎FromAlexWithLove‬ journey from 2013 and found myself having to start over twice...During this journey, I had my fans and even the critics throwing grief and shade at me, stating that I'm lazy and not working. I understood where they were coming from though, as consumers don't know about the process involved, and even the excuses of why things ain't happening, they just want that gourmet dish with all the goodies on their table. So I kept my head down and kept cooking.

Looking back at the previous works I've lost, I can tell you that things happen for a reason and God knows exactly what he's doing. The growth was immense and it's evident.
During the recording of the album, I lost touch with a lot of friends and family, girlfriends came and went, and time passed me. I honestly hope one day they will all understand the sacrifices involved and why I had to make them, no love has been lost though.

S/O to the people that helped to put this masterpiece together. From Teepee, L-Tido, Towdeemac, Thiwe, Denise Zimba, my brother Kepi, my sister Pearl, DJ Dimplez, Dj Speedsta, Kwesta, Kid X, Monde Dube, N'veigh, Yanga, Ginger Trill, Youngsta, Angie Santana, Relz Musiq, One Way, T-beats, Trompie, Abza, Thibos Motsoai & Bra Caiphus Semenya...I hope I'm not forgetting anyone here. Because of the collective effort we put in towards this body of work, the album is sounding majestic.

To my Alex family, your boy got one here, trust me...and the goal is to have the whole world hear it, and they shall. Last but not least, and very close to my heart... RIP to my brother Flabba, we had initially spoken about him narrating the whole album once it was done, he couldn't wait to hear it. He's gonna bump his head all the way in heaven when I blaze it. To all my fans everywhere, this one is for you, all the way From Alex With Love.

Sean Pages


# Title Length
5 Blind 3:43
12 Wadijaja 3:53
15 Blind (Remix) 3:56