Sayne SA

AUREOLE (2020)

(Verse ÷ Sayne)

Ok , Look
I've Lost My Loved One's
And They Can't Be Found
Not In This World Matter Of Fact
Not In This Space Left
I Don't Believe In Reincarnation
Rain Got Nations Blessed

I Always Wished Aunty Hear My Songs
I Just Hope She Got Access To Download Them
I Just Hope She's Proud , She's Proud
Talk Abaah Me In Heaven Very Loud
Busy Bragging Abaah Me And The Talent I Got

Memories Don't Die , They Live Till You Die
Reminiscing All Those Good Times We Had
Blissfully Happy When I'm Right Next To You
You Was Kinda Crazy Yooh!
Ihheee , I End Up Smiling Thinking About You
You Know There Was Something Interesting About You
All Those Times Faded Like They Never Existed
It's Like I'm Imagining Things Yeah
You Always Told Me About The Impprtance Of Education
And I've Set A Goal To Give Them Medication
Whether I Heal Them Souls Through Music
Or I Heal Them Wounds Using Medication


I Just Wish Dat God Gave You Gave You Another Life ×6

(Ad-lib ÷ Sayne )
I Remember The Last Day I Saw You
You Hold Me Tight In Your Arms , Gave Me A Hug
And A Baby Kiss Ryt On My Lips
Sayin You Love Me

I Also Love You Vavavoom


I Just Wish Dat God Gave You Gave You Another Life ×6