Savuka was a band formed in 1986 by English-born South African Johnny Clegg after the disbanding of his first band, Juluka. Both of his bands were inter-racial in the racially segregated Apartheid South Africa. Savuka followed more of a Western pop rock style blended with Clegg's familiar, distinctive Zulu musical stylings, creating a unique sound that was something of a major departure from the old, more traditional Zulu sound of Juluka.

They had a UK #75 hit in 1986 with a new version of the earlier Juluka hit "Scatterlings of Africa".

Some better-known Savuka songs include "Asimbonanga", "Third World Child", "The Crossing", "Dela", and "Cruel Crazy Beautiful World".

Percussionist Dudu Zulu was killed in 1992. "The Crossing" was a tribute to him.