The EP took around 2 years to complete, seeing as RYKI wanted the right combination of songs for her followers. For the EP, she drew inspiration from the feelings she was experiencing at the moments in studio or from what the music made her feel. Whilst creating her sound and artistry, she aimed to make music that is real to who she is.

“Inspiration comes when you are at peace with yourself and the things around you. Love is the most common thing people can relate to and I wrote about it each time without noticing.”

For the EP, RYKI worked with a variety of producers: ’Throw You Down’, ‘What Could We’ and ‘Bad Intentions’ were produced by Bubele Booi and David Balshaw in-between trips to Cape Town and Johannesburg. ‘Wait With Her’ and ‘Please Try’ was recorded in Durban in 2015 and produced by the notorious hit maker, Sketchy Bongo, the same trip where she recorded ‘Time’ with fellow wolfpack member, Deemo. ‘Insomnia’ was written by the young and talented, Caleb Williams and produced by Ameen Harron on her last trip to Cape Town. ‘Such A Mess’ was technically her first single and was a collaboration with deep house heavyweight, Kyle Watson.


# Title Length
1 Throw You Down 3:16
2 Please Try 3:57
3 Insomnia 3:33
4 What Could We 3:17
7 Such a Mess [Radio Edit] 3:25