Why me?

my thought are heavy more than i thought about it
having a child at the early age developed the strength
of coming a dream chaser and plenty of my niggers
were saying i have changed and i had to get married to my hustle
and those were the significant and major reasons of me changing
like a rebellion,and more like a revolution.hope they get it

I always wanted to earn everything i desired and wished for in life
i am tired of chasing dreams i chose to walk towards my dreams cause everyone
is chasing a dream now.

yeah,i haven't turned against myself i fear myself now and i had to kill
my pride and bury my pride away where nobody knows
i don't to be known like unknown,and i have now become a slave to myself and
i am in serious relationship with my hustle and i am crazy in love with me
and my lyrics are too tight like a tight pussy more listen the more you break it.

and waiting is more like a detention to me but i had no other choice of waiting
cause waiting will pay off one day,and i have given fully attention and loyalty to
my dreams expecting my dreams to be loyal back in re-turn.

and the hunger of music grow, i am hungry for the mic and the mic has become my favorite meal, that is why i am always cooking in that hit.
and i chose the direction of looking forward to the future and the smile of son
motivates me to hustle to the fullest and push myself like a vehicle without a fuel

and i have goals to achieve in life but i don't even play soccer cause life was unfair and never fair but never say never cause God can change the world in a blink of an eye.

and i started investing in my dreams cause my mom has invested a lot in the nigger as single a women and my love for them women is big as much as a ocean
and i chose focusing on what matters in life music and i came up
with a new strategy of studying and learning the game cause the game
will never stop teaching you the reality of the music industry,for real.
i guess i think more than i speak, why me.

i believe everything my eyes has seen and recorded
and i have now become a slave to my hustle and to my music
and plenty of voices in my mind and using the power of my mind to find
the way and the path through the future and you niggers you know
i have heavy dreams.

i brought a soul to this world at the age of ninetieth
i had to live with the truth,we can't escape of problems
and nigger Ruff-Gee has fallen in love with music
the love nobody can imagine and i restricted and limited myself
from things that are holding me back like the olden day and i called it
and i always wanted to become the person i wanted to become
not the person my mom wanted me to become,why.
Ruff-gee the future,the rapper rapper why me.