Ross Jack

South African born and raised between Spain, Britain and South Africa, Ross Jack’s international roots come through in his polished, cosmopolitan, urban sound. Having just completed his debut full length album, “Notes from the Wild” – working between his studio in South Africa and in the UK – the album seamlessly embraces styles from Hip-hop, pop and dance hall to boss nova grooves and Dubstep.

A chance encounter with hip-hop legend HHP a few years ago lead Ross Jack to begin his career as a producer. Since that decisive day, Ross Jack has become a sort-after producer, having produced for the likes of HHP, Chianosky, Toya Delazy and Zeus. With his wealth of accomplishments and experience it was inevitable that Ross Jack would one day step out as a performer in his own right, releasing his debut EP, Chandeliers, in October 2012.

Embracing the momentum he built up with Chandeliers – which sprung the #3 5FM Top 40 hit, Seven 45 - Ross Jack went back into studio after its release and got straight to writing more material. He had the opportunity to go over to the UK to work with the phenomenally talented Pete “Boxsta” Martin (Sugababes / Jesse J.), where they locked down his studio all day for a week. Out of these sessions came 4 of the songs on Notes from the Wild, including the #1 (5FM Top 40) single TV’s in the Swimming Pool.




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