Afrika Sonsak

Knowing full well that his profile has never been higher, Robbie set out to make the album that would cement his position in the charts for the next two years (and maybe get him that turbo-charged Hilux he’s been yearning after)
His saddest song to date, “Sein In Die Hemel” is one of several ballads to dip into the emo side of a performer much better known for laughs than tears. What if the last SMS you received from a deceased loved one wasn’t the last, he wonders. What if you could receive another… from heaven? It’s touching stuff, and thanks to these somber touches Afrika Sonsak is a well-rounded treffer trove that bears listening right through.


# Title Length
2 Player 23 3:08
3 Liewe Ouers 3:37
4 Sal Ek Ooit Weet 4:13
5 Speedos en crocs 3:32
7 Stacey En Thysie 3:54
11 Halleluja Om Die Vuur 5:09
12 Sein in Die Hemel 4:18