Sheeps Dominating (Outro)

Sheeps Dominating (Outro)

REYDO ft A.JU$T & Taylar

Jesus Is My Shepherd (2020)


Verse 1: REYDO
We are the sheeps dominatin'
We are not ready for nominations
That's how you know we are eliminating
We are the holy sheeps
Following God's footprints
We got no time to sleep
We are completing God's duties
Holy three musketeers
Bonded all over again
It's about to get really bad
Leave you all in caskets ugh
But my nigga don't ever compare us to goats
Coz you don't know what we are capable of
There're lotta things going on
Don't try to be a host
You will never complete them all
You will be on the wall >>
Of Shame for being too dull
We are on the wall of flames
Everywhere we go, you can feel the heat going on
Appearing on all great walls
I'm part of the petal
I'm made of metal
I'm always carrying my title
I'm always ready for battle
I'm dedicated to the bible
I'm a role model to little kids
I contributed to the orphans
They recognised what I did
How many times do you see that often
I came out from nothing
Thinking I wasn't going to be something
I was always a burden
But all of a sudden
God gave me the power and strength to be patient
I asked for them without even comparing
Without even complaining
I was only converting
"Jesus Is My Shepherd" that's what I say everytime I start meditating

Verse 2: Taylar
I'm a wolf in a sheep's cloth
I'm never fascinated by the cheap talk
I'm a stay high when niggas hit rock
I always hum at funerals, I always hymn wrong
I'm 'bout to dominate, it's a free country
I'm soul precious, the devil gave a bounty
I'll never sell my soul and that's how it is
If you try to battle, know I'm Ali with the fists
I'm nasty but you'll C when I'm legendary
On the mic, I know killing is necessary
I'm still coughing, they say flu kills
If it's on the mic then my flow sick
I'm climbing the ladder
With every step I get better
I'm pursuing dream, this is not for the cheddar
I'm the main character
Check me on the chapter
Catching niggas unexpected, they say I'm a trapper
I give my flows as a present coz I'm a wrapper
I'm outta of this world, I need to go to NASA

Verse 3: A.JU$T
Sheeps dominating
We ain't complaining
That's what I'm saying cause we are Sheeps dominating
Now look
All the time I'm busy writing rhymes
Trying to take over what's mine
And murder every line
I put, all my concentration
My determination
Into a new level of rap and see
People of my liking
Others they despise me
Acting high and mighty
But a nigga like me
Don't show mercy
I put the most effort I can like I'm hurting your pathetic little heart
That's how I'd be like and many of 'em can't this whole thing right
Now listen to me, let me put you in the groove
Put you in the whole mood
That's pretty understood
And show you how a person moves to a beat like this
Homie clap your hands and move like this
Haters gon' hate 'cause they full of shit
But it's the three of us, we are the sheeps dominatin'