Food Chainz

Food Chainz

REYDO ft Zanny

Jesus Is My Shepherd (2020)

[Intro] Zanny
Aha, yeah yeah
Shout out to all my player partner man
DGK always man
550605 boy
Yeah I got my little brother right here
Yeah He my little brother for real man, he gon' kill it
We got REYDO in this bitch
We them DGK motherfuckers (*knuckles popping)
It's gon' be a lot of problem boy
Yeah you can figure my nigga
I play with you player partner
You dig

[Verse 1] Ř€¥ĐØ
Yeah we be going everywhere yeah (tell em)
And I'll be looking on my dad yeah (my nigga)
He'll be so mad yeah (really)
People looking at us when we are rapping (yeah)
I'll be going to buy a car on the shop called oh no
I'm kidding there is no shop called oh no
It's called top sales and the car I'm buying is called a lamboghini (rich nigga, rich)
And start your Lamboghini with a girl nigga
We'll be pulling some triggers (bang bang)
I'm busy chatting with my friends on Twitter
I'll be drinking coca cola all day and night
And all those girls are right yeah (nigga)
Rapping on my backyard
And we be rhyming in my outyard
Just chilling on my backyard yeah
Telling my friends I'm broken (broken)
And the other person has spoken
I'll be dreaming a bad dream
And on that dream, I'll be eating an ice cream
I'll be relaxing on our grass
And I'll be breaking the glass (cling)
We'll be looking at the people who are naked
We laughed at them, they became angry (hahaha)
And we didn't want to do that because we are not like that
We are the people who doesn't like bitches (like that)
And I don't even like those snitches
Because all I do is to rhyme yeah (rhyme nigga)

[Pre-Hook 1] Zanny
Agh broke niggas finna act
While we getting paper
We don't stop nigga
We make them others niggas feel stopped my nigga
'Cause we got errthang
Yeah we got errthang
We got them niggas on

[Hook] REYDO
Food Chainz, Chainz, Chainz
Food Chainz, Chainz, Chainz
Food Chainz, Chainz, Chainz
Food Chainz, Chainz, Chainz

[Verse 2] Zanny
Agh Let me tell you something you don't know
We pull up in that Mercediies
My bitch back like Haddies
Niggas out here
They think I'm wack
I take your girl and make your life go back
Where we walking
Bitches be starring like that
We be high as birds
All my hoes
Daddy like welcome Maths
My bitch name is Pat
Riches yeah
My cholo got the daddy must
I told em to clean 'em off
Money in weed
We Maths and Science
You niggas are prey to me
Guess I'm a Christian nigga
I am crazy
You just lazy
I got your girl, I call her Dazy
Oops you single
I'm ready to mingle
Come bring 'em and see how I'm feeling so I can break him
You so lazy
Guns on floors
We shuffle you what
I can do it better
You truffle butter
I go harder
I nailed this hoes like I go hammer
I'm the bomb, I take the grenade
Uuuu boom
I'm fast like zoom and I go zoom in her skirt
If you where like Kurt
Staining on you
Haters hope you smiling down
We better found like a sad clown
I mean the clouds
Somebody call a propos
It's a party poss
I just killed somebody
Uuuu straight up bunny ears
Straight up bunny ears nigga
It's me and REYDO my nigga
Yeah pull up on you niggas hahaha yeah
When we say agh

[Hook] Ř€¥ĐØ
Food Chainz, Chainz, Chainz
Food Chainz, Chainz, Chainz
Food Chainz, Chainz, Chainz
Food Chainz, Chainz, Chainz
Food Chainz, Chainz

[Outro] Zanny
Aha This is advice for you niggas
Round out in a fucking face
DGK my nigga
It's B.E mahn