Countin' Flyin' Money

Countin' Flyin' Money

REYDO ft Taylar

Jesus Is My Shepherd (2020)


Verse 1: REYDO
These rappers be busy trying to count flying money (flying money)
I don't know why they think that they are so dodgy (so dodgy)
If you tryna mess with me then try me
Even these rappers wanted to diss me
Everything about them is so deceiving
Lately I have been receiving messages and them beefing
Threatening calls about killing
Gangsterism ain't got no music
Rapping so hard, I count big mills, big thrills
Put them on the table then you go ill
Show them to your face then you freeze
Might just wanna put them on me
Everything about me so stylish
Beat you up like Mohammed Ali
Take your girlfriend then I call her Molly (Molly)
We go to a beach and I make her forget about you (forget about you)
We talk all day and we don't give a damn about you (a damn about you)
I take her to the bed, close the door of the room
I put it right in, I send her to the moon
Then you start calling her in the noon (in the noon)
I pick it up and tell you that she'll be there soon (she'll be there soon)
She gonna come to you with me then we make her choose (make her choose)
If she choose you then you didn't lose
But if she choose me then under the sheets I'm a Bulgarian brute (Bulgarian brute)

Verse 2: REYDO
Throw it in the air, throw it, throw it in the air
I'm Captain Hook, I should start finding Peter Pan (Peter Pan)
I'm very crazy, you should just call me a hooligan (hooligan)
But I'm not really good with the shenanigans (with shenanigans)
I'm just good with machines, I program holograms (holograms)
I'm an A-student with Math, I draw histograms
I'm Ben 10's grandpa, yeah I'm Grandpa Max (Grandpa Max)
We go to the skies to fight Vilgax (Vilgax)
I'm a millionaire, I throw money everywhere (everywhere)
I got bodyguards, they will show you who's the man (who's the man)
I step on Kelloggs, I'm a serial killer man
Rest in peace Mac Miller, we appreciate you Mac
Shout out to all my homies who helped me to get here (get here)
Walked on a silent road, you all got in my path (in my path)
You did so much for me now I'm covered in tears (in tears)
But right now, I need God to battle with my fears (with my fears)

Verse 3: Taylar
I've been chasing money since a younging
Spending it all fly in seconds, I got no budget
I got my all my haters in a casket
As I picnic on their graves with a basket
My fingers a calculator, mathematical
I kill low key, I always do it surgical
A man with a master plan, man I'm tactical
Actions speak louder than words, how about a practical
Rap is a game of chess, checkmate
When I'm 18, I wanna buy an estate
It's a damn shame, how they talking at the back
I'm a lone wolf while these niggas travel in packs
I belong in a different category, different class
My words are matter, they are dense like mass
Why your main chick sending a text, I don't get it
I'm an opposite of you bro, I keep on winning
I'm on mission
I listen
I'm never kidding
I'm killing
Pull a trigger, I'm vicious
I don't know why I'm so full of ambition
If God takes me then I'm dying in honor
I want a dollar in my pocket, that's an order