Be Fyn

Be Fyn


Jesus Is My Shepherd (2020)


Verse 1:
You have been in my mind lately (lately)
I don't even know what to say (I don't even know what to say)
What I did was very messy (what I did was very messy)
I don't want us to go our separate ways (I don't want us to go our separate ways)
I know I have hurt you a lot (a lot)
I dont want you to be gone (gone)
I know what I did was wrong (wrong)
I just gotta make a phone call eyy
To make sure that you're okay (that you're okay)
I gotta call you now before it's too late (before it's too late)
But I can't call 'cause I'm too afraid ('cause I'm too afraid)
Why don't we start on a new page
They technically made me wanna hate you (hate you)
Showing me all the things that you used to do (used to do)
But I told myself that I could change you (I could change you)
You made it hard for me to escape the obstacles (obstacles)
I never thought that I would see you cry (see you cry)
You made my heart be aware of your love (of your love)
Now it cannot put any girl above (any girl)
It's only you going through my mind (through my mind)
Some people change when they deal with time (deal with time)
But I guess we're still the same my love (my love)
I should start calling you Mrs Right (Mrs Right)
We reached months (reached months)
Yeah you give me life (give me life)

Be fine eyy (be fine)
I'm not fine when you are still not fine
Be fine (be fine)
Be fine baby girl
Be fine my love (hey)
Be fine (be fine)
Be fine
Be fine (be fine)
Be fine (be fine)
I'm not fine when you are not fine (I'm not fine when you're)

Verse 2:
We had people acting negative (people acting negat, huh they acting negative)
Everybody acting like pessimists (pessimists)
They were busy acting like pessimists (pessimists)
Before we dated, you were always praying (praying)
When I gave you a chance, I saw you weren't playing (playing)
Then many of the people started hating (hating)
They now hate me
Making up fairytales (fairytales)
When we broke up, I asked for another chance (another chance)
There was no other girl that could replace (could replace)
I then felt that I should be wide awake (wide awake)
I started seeing not all the girls are the same
I love you very much because you never change (never change)
You are the only one that can keep me sane (keep me sane)
When I'm around you, I feel very safe (very safe)
Even now, I still remember our first date (our first date)

Be fine eyy
I'm not fine when you are still not fine
Be fine
Be fine baby girl
Be fine my love
Be fine
Be fine
Be fine
Be fine
I am not fine when you are not fine

Verse 3:
I have always wanted to be safe
Everybody knows that I have just saved
By the almighty Lord putting me in his hands eeyy
I really gotta understand (gotta understand)
Why you haters always behind my case (yeah)
Are you paranoid or are you just covered in lace (yeah)
Busy talking trash then I put it back in your face (in your face)
I'm not really fine coz my babe is not fine (not fine)
Busy pulling triggers coz they got me out of my mind (out of my mind)
Then talk to babe tell her it's going to be alright (alright)
Coz we are no longer at the low side (yeah)
Catches me recording at Blesster's Records
I just gotta put all the efforts
You don't even know how I can even afford
You just gotta know when to be the control (control control)
Let me just comprehend all the methods (haah yeah yeah)