Caution (Prod. by Cpwar)

Reich ft Holygun & Victor Inqola Yomlilo

Reich Singles

[Verse 1: Holygun]
Killing every category
Halla at the Holy G
God opened doors for me
I call him holy key
I have been through alot of things
I have heard alot of things
Your girl is a catfish and she needs a tin opener
I have been on tour and jozi were I will be poping
I lost contact with my lil browskie
that shit hurted me like everyday
That why I m never home
I guess I need a pope
Coz I can't cope
Taking drugs that's a nope
That's why i duck every time i see a slope
Never thought about a rope
I was banned to see my mama due to underfined reasons
I got no friends in it
I got no hands out
But dark or blue I will succed
With no hands out
Can't fight with me i am a wanna beast
Verse so clean I can call me sanity
Rapping till infinity
I don't show no empathy
On the mic  I can't catch me I am so slippery
Popping xanies that's a nope well I am joking thats a yes
And its mandetory
Killing every category
As I said
Most you of niggas is wack and that is sad
Independent till I D-I-E, D-I-E
Reminiscing about them days I use to eat a P-I-E
I am a bear and and I am reckless
I just go and get the bag
I just got no time to chill
I'm just gunning for a kill
cause I got the fuckin skill
I'm wiping you phonies out
I just worked so hard
I might get myself a glowing watch
All these girls next to me I just feel like fuckin santa
All black scene I just call it black panther
All black scene I just call it black panther

[Verse 2: Reich]
I'm feelin' like it's Durban July
Well my nigga's are all here
what more can I want?
I'm Asthmatic, my chest is full of words that I need to spit out
My mind is full of buildin's that I need to fuckin' bulldoze
I'm crazy youn' nigga but not psychopath
The kids that I grew up with
used to call me the sociopath
I know the pain well
but glad I ain't hatin' no thing
no new artist or wack artist
takin' the chances on me
I flip a favour for a favour
and that what they call me
I do me you do you
So don't you ever judge me
So... before it's get weirder
man I'm endin' this
Ain't got time for all of these counterfeit
man they pissin' me off
They lookin' up to me I'm their idol
One of 'em dudes call me and said, " boy you iconic
They tried to bend you over, you stand still man you ironic
They're no match for you Rebels
cause you all super sonic"
I ain't trynna raise the bar cause I am the bar
I ain't trynna change myself to be likened or what
I always like to be me, now look at me now
I'm not the great
but I'm the greatest to be
Soon takin' the lead

[Verse 3: Victor Inqola Yomlilo]
Yaz I hip hop mfth inezimanga
Kwayimina manj ngyayijwaja
Yenza noma uban agcine ebhala
Abhale I hubo likashaka
Bese eth leyo ngoma iyashaya
Awagcwale izigange amagwala
Kade ninganginakile ngi puncher
Bays ngibuza ngivumbukaphi
Njengoba sengi dope kangaka
Phela ngihlanganise I EP encwempu ngesikhath esincanyana
Ngibhale ingoma ngiyiqede
Ngiyi recode ngiphind ngiphinde Ngibhale enye
Kodwa ngoba I skill sikhona
Ngike ngizibhale kanye kanye
Ngizidedele ziqhudelane
Like qhude manikiniki kodwa ikhona endala kunenye
Zishiyane ziphinde zificane
Zificane zahambisane
Mina ngibone engizoyqeda kuqala
Ngigcine sengibhala ngenye kwenye
Ngibone engath eyodwa I wek
Ath u msera ay I dope le track
Kwesinye isikhath ngiyiyeke
Angith phela I dope kakhulu manje Nani nizosuke nidideke
Nigcine senikhothama kuMina uNkulunkulu nimudelele