TONY MONTANA (Prod. by Reeckon Wayt)




I got 10 Bitches trippin outta Bando
Don't tell no lie, Bitch you on my mind , I know you hatin when I'm coming under the sidewalk
Keep on call my name , umma die too slow

Imma keep ya nigga at aside
(Nigga at aside)
Picking bottles , you know we pick and suck
(Know we pick and suck)
And I know we hatin the laws
(Hatin the laws)
Imma keep on coming like water
(Like ! Like! )
They call me Tony Montana (Tony Montana) x 4

(Verse 1)

We started this , look at the people
That are part of this
Look at the lanes that I'm switching on , I be roundin, I be roundin

Blunt in my steez, you know I'm blownin it hard
stank the blunt , reefer on the rope
Leather on my skin
Stunning with the croc Bheka La
Bheka izinja zami, zibheke la

I'm ready for the flow
Back with the prob now I'm progressed
Let em know , I'm being more than a post
I started from day one
Digging every nigga from my day one

drop a verse to this pals in a circle
You know I'm coming around
Deep like gribs in a organ
Deep like gribs in a organ

I'm more gang,keep bluffin Tony
(Skirt Voice)

Yay dawg , shoot em up
Shoot up , shoot up
I'm telling you , shoot this niggaz up dawg

They don't really deserve this
I know it's Reeckon on the way dawg
Like Tony Montana, shoot this niggaz up

(Chorus 2)

(Verse 2)

I know you can't tell em
When you see my came-up
I can tell em when I see your words-up
I know ! know !
we rapping under sidewalk
Tell this rappers better lay on
Im the overcomer of this industry
Don't believe, don't believe me
See THIS rappers on my mission paki'stars
Tryina see the business I'm a business

(Last Chorus )

They call me Tony Montana

Tony Montana