I'Wanna'Make'Money (Prod. by Reeckon Wayt)




I don't think , you heard me
I told you that , I Wanna make money
I told you that , I Wanna make moneeeeeeeyyy !!

Verse 1

Push the bagger
Wanna show this rappers
How to get it done
I'm not a really , really human
I can tell , in ya face

I'm slamming doors
Pull it
Nif you really wanna see my version
I can tell noll this rappers
Im a terminator with my eye glows
I'm shooting ya bags
I'm shooting ya bags

The rappers cannot tell me non
I've been stankin the blunt
With em high mamas
Seating at the back , with the stank party it


(Verse 2 )

I wonder nif you still listen to what I preach without the bible
But I give you some lines which you can recognize as verses
Nigga I ain't tryina do much better
Than you but there's nothin I can do
Nif the skill wanna compete
To recognize the best , as the realest best , we have to tighty competitive
The bars I got for this niggaz

Ain't gonna satisfy any battery in this world,
maybe the power stations can limit my highness ,
i don't even know nif it's still a dream or nightmare cuz I curse niggaz ,
when they tryina rehearse their verses
and getting ready for their destiny
I put the stop sign and require some license ,

( Bridge )

I don't think I'm famous
I'm coming , I'm coming
I will never be stopped
Huh !