Got This

Got This (Prod. by Reeckon Wayt)




(Chorus ) " GOT This"

I really wanna be the best
My mama never like it
When I rap thou
My brother ,keep on tell me that I got this
No better , no better Butta I wanna keep on lifting up
Now im going home
I've been drinkin drags
People keep on shaking
Money keep on floatin
I Dont really wanna meet savages
I don't really wanna meet liquor shit
Peepo keep on throwing me some fingers shit
I've been digging down with my spade shit

( Verse 1 )

It becomes clear , I ain't rappin enough , the people that I got
They ain't jiggin enough
I put the city back where it deserves to be , my mind still workinh as a racism , few people wanna see me going louder , Imma open a Champaign when I see cassper

Saving the juice for mu Nigga

He been changin the game to different positions where I try to be
Where I ride to be
Niggaz wanna steal , what try to be
Stay on my lane
With the niggaz that are tryina be the goddess as me
I'm tryina be the proudly nigga
Fuck this city

I'm floating with my flows , know I'm making the waves
I'm taking you back , where I started all this messes , I'm not really adequate

( Verse 2 )

Forever and ever we got it under control
I'm making the waves
Take you to the city , where you making the bills
Niggaz on my side keep on turning to pals , I'm doing it better
That's why I'm making the bumps
I'm not really rapping but I'm keepin you robs up
The rappers on my side , keep on squeezing my blood ...
I remember the day , you say I ain't got it..

But I keep ya Bitches , keep on textin why she really textin me

I ain't really got it
I bet im the rapper , thatchu really wanna hate
I'm the rapper , thatchu really bang
I've been begged up , I've been hurt up
I've been the hottest rapper
Thatchu you really praised up
With no fucking limit
I ain't fucking no gimmicks