Mama (Prod. by Reeckon Wayt)


More Than A Prince (E.P) (2017)


(Chorus )

I never going let you down x 2
All your money that I'm spendin everyday
All the problems, that I'm building every day
Will Be refund X.....

(Verse )

We used wake up eat a meal got my water as a relish
It was very hard , growing up
Peepo look at us , like we ain't got nothing in hand
Of course, I never had some toys bruh , I be following my friends. When they going to shop , standing outside, never go inside, no money in the pocket


You done your dreams
You done your blessings
You done your wishes
Your son is grown now

( Verse 2 )

I don't think you really wanna hear this , we were living down there in the village, the government never help us .. the citizen never liked us either , my pops wasn't around
He ran for the job to joburg
Where errybody want to be
But he never send the money Back ,

My Mama keep on crying erryday
My Mama keep on shouting erryday
My Mama keep on stressin erryday
But he never care back


That was a worse pain that I felt
And I never had a power
Power the issues
God Dammm , I was so young
With the baby face