Whilst still being young, South African artist Reason has been around a relatively long while to only just have released his sophomore album; but backed by the massively talented Motif Records & Tumi Molekane, this project sets out to cast a better spotlight on one of Southern Africa’s best talents.

From the outset, it’s apparent that Reason wishes to be seen as an artist apart; whilst most experimentation would normally be left for mid album fare, Reason‘s intro to the album ‘#A3d’, takes the plunge head first into experimental territory unabashedly drawing its aural direction from Electro. Don’t worry, there are raps aplenty; they are just not over cliché or what could be considered the norm & “expected” Hip Hop beats. Influences on this album range from Alt Rock, the aforementioned Electro & even some Dance. It’s an interesting listen to say the least, the ride helped along by production from 37Mph, Sithembiso ‘Instro’ Herimbi, Tiago Correia-Paulo, IV League & BattleKat who returns after producing much of Reason’s first solo effort...


# Title Length
3 Do It Like I Can 4:03
11 A lot on my mind 4:12