I kick a dope flow once I get into that ProMode
For those who don’t know we got the game in a chokehold
ProMode got the whole crowd going loco (x2)

[Verse 1: Proverb]
Hearing the Pro rhyme alongside Mode 9
Is like discovering a gold mine
Imagine the worth of the flows you gon find
With thoughts in it my songs illa than Stephen Sondheim
I’m off limits you forced to fill it like you've gone blind
Book delivery the industry librarian
With hook ability and agility as a criteria
They shook my similes are killing the entire area
Look, they feeling me from Kimberley to Nigeria
I’m back like I never left trying my level best
To climb Kilimanjaro cause I don’t Everest
That’s the spot where my level’s set pressure gets
So hot I make the devil sweat for the hell of it
Deep flows are effortless or better yet
The rap Olympic gold medalist steal shows like pedal theft
Free throws are eminent the game seems fowl,
Classics under ma belt three down and seven left

[Verse 2: Mode 9]
Look B I brought my A-game call it the C-swag
Guess so fresh help me remove my tag
The say I brag but I bad in a nice way
Call me the Naija mercenary rhyming for pay
Next year you’ll probably hear that I’ll be writing for Dre
Pussies, I put em down Vladimir cats is not on my level (Pshh)
Get out of here like poison, nice bad boys get sacrificed
I got the 22 over 7 here take a slice I’m hot but I love ice
And I gangster without the weapon
your boys at the corner tryina pull, I cross em like Beckham
F ’em/ cause them chaps say me not raw
You love clubbing next to running your jaw
Don’t make me grab a club and introduce you to the gulf war
We getting plaque like dirty teeth leave you mourning if we meet
Cause I bring early beef

[Verse 3: Mode 9 & ProVerb]
Your man is an ant, I got a mallet for the retard
His getting stepped on or sucked up by advars
Look God my flame burn before you bark hard
You getting chartterd your back yard with your bodyguard
By your wondering boss spit in English or vernacular
I would bite you bloods if I was dracular show promoters dribble
But I a rough tackler man down, check my website so spectacular

Watch how this beast goes against the beat
I defeat it and bury it twenty feet the ventriloquist getting the pen to speak
And then the beef is settled on Fridays so I can end the weak
Got on bended knees like meditation with a centre piece
You’re like my lawn all around get what I mean
Your manure is watered down cause you tryina get green
I’m tryina set scenes and glide above these flows like jet skies
Bust the best free’s you must be nuts tryina test these