Bread Winners

A lil something for the Fathers
That know how to be a man and work harder
To give something to the Fam
And would rather make sure the kids are fed dinner
I’m talking to the real bread winners yeah you..

[Verse 1: ProVerb]
I’m a dad now, that means the hustle has changed
It ain’t just rap now I got to use the muscle and brain
See I’m a man now, that means I mustn’t complain
But I’d be dammed if I see my fam struggle in vain
I’m like Jabba, the way I’ve doubled the H
The hustle that is, and I’m faster coming of age
I’m still a rapper, in it for the love of the game
But right after when I’m finished I gotta get paid
My beautiful wife and daughter I just took out life insurance
So God forbid if I die they sorted
You see quality of their life is important
So I’m gonna give them the world first I got to try and afford it
My little girl can walk now soon she’ll be starting to talk now
Everything else her pops will sort out
My wife is the queen and she holds the fort down
And I will fulfill all the dreams you talk about

[Verse 2: HHP]
We representing for bo daai man
Husteling mad doe ka di cipher Jabba man Pro ba ma timer
It’s kinda mad though, raising up a family can make you wiser
But any funny move can make you baiza
Recognize the man Mr Bread winner with a plan
Ke leano making the sword sicker than the pen
Rele thlano we doing all good living ka kwano
Kill any man who takes food from Pano’s legano
I got di Policy hoping I could pay for College’
I would do anything so ngwanake a thole knowledge’
It’s elementary that’s what takes up all my energy
That’s why I take it personal when people try to damage me
(But) I guess it’s part of being a timer in thie industry
Whole lot of dilo tse negative will bring you misery
That’s why me Verb and the rest have made a pact
Gotta leave heard ke kwale a verse and make a track for the..

[V3: ProVerb & HHP]
(Pro)We just took that opportunity to big up the good dads
Cause I’m tired of dead beats making us look bad
(HHP)See right now I’m glad we turning fathers into heroes
Ke kgale re beta turning the man into a zero
(Pro) and we know, that most of our mothers have it the hardest
Playing both the lead roles of the mother and farther
(HHP) don’t disregard us/ we got the God pleading for us
I’m playing that card making the Heart crazy for us for the for the….

A lil something for the Fathers that know how to be a man and work harder
To bring something for the fam and would rather, make sure the kids are fed dinner
I’m talking to the real bread winners/ yeah you the Fathers..