Tell me tell me

Verse 1
I can’t believe I’m going through this again/ I really thought you would’ve been/
the one I’m taking through to the end/ cause you was a friend/ and a sister on
who I depend/ my lady but still a freak with what you do in the bed/ but you
got upset/ out of the blue said you wanna jet/ what did I do, what is it boo you
could’ve said/ who would’ve guessed/ all of a sudden you’d wanna step/ no
explanations no nothings it was through in a sec/ so hold on, not that I’m
comparing you to my ex/ but you were the best/ I really thought my future was
set/ so you not going anywhere girl I refuse to accept it/ and don’t give me that
“It’s not you it’s me” I reject it/ as an excuse I expect the truth nothing less/ is
there somebody new/ or some other dude you just met/ answer this one
question before we move to the next/ where did we go wrong? I know it can’t
be due to the sex?

Verse 2
On second thought go ahead bounce and close the door/ I’m tired of begging
I’ve been down this road before/ I used write letters to ex’s I doubt anymore
cause that is so 2004/ (now go) I’m go focus on my shoes when ‘m out on tour/
I used to turn down groupies that are down to get raw/ but just to spite you, I’m
shag a thousand or more/ you I don’t have to think about no more/ (How so)
Cuse it’s over like an outro so out you go/ I would focus on the strengths while
you count the flaws/ I’m tired of having to deal with that mouth of yours/ but
thank gosh it a about to pause (Shh)/ I feel like we signed a verbal contract
without the clause/ on the real, this feels worse than a spouse divorce/ not to
mention half of the things in this house are yours girl you still haven’t found the
cause/ where did we go wrong?

Verse 3
I’m sorry that I loved and held you/ sorry I felt you/ sorry I wanted to help you
when plans fell through/ sorry that I fell for you/ sorry I tell the truth/ apologies
for my honesty it must be hell for you/ if I could I’d take it all back shorty I’m
telling you/ including those presents I’d find someone to sell em to/ sorry that
I turn down groupies that are available/ sorry that I was so faithful it must be
terrible/ I’m sorry that I you put you over myself too/ apologies for putting my
own needs on the shelf boo/ sorry that I supported you when no one else would
sorry for being so trustworthy and helpful/ sorry I was better to you/ than any
average fellow would do/ and all your friends were jealous of you/ forget it then
boo/ it’s too late to settle this feud/ just get up and move/ we went wrong when
I met up with you.

Tell me tell me where did we go wrong
tell me where did we go wrong or better yet help me hold on I mean C’mon
Tell me tell me where did we go wrong
If you insist you gotta leave so long, just so long as the beat goes on now go on.