1st 2nd 3rd

Verse 1
The 1st word in the 1st line/ 1st verse in the 1st rhyme/ hurts worse than a
virgin the 1st time/ you don’t want beef with verb, it’s not worthwhile/ you
want peace so go sign the Treaty of Versailles/ Verb arrives straight to your
Doorstep like girl guides/ open your 3rd eye/ weaving my web until it’s
world wide/ Hotter than stir fry/ new perspective like a bird’s eye/
life is a triangle I show you the 3rd side/ The 1st stage of the 1st page/
like the eruption of an earthquake/ the pressure’s been building in the
verb’s brain/ to feed the world on tectonic plates like earthquakes/
I’m single handedly increasing the emcee’s birthrate/ this industry has
been wounded and I’m the 1st aid/ i charge patience, cause face it,
it was worth the wait/ rhymes are so fly I keep book in a bird cage/
this ma nu script this was only the 1st verse wait…..

Verse 2
I put the 1st word of the 2nd verse 3rd/ 3rd word 2nd, and the 2nd word
first/ then I give you a second to make sense of it first/ it’ll all make sense
by the end of the 2nd verse/ some of ya’ll get it the 1st time you heard it/
some of ya’ll will first rewind the 2nd verse quick/ I write life sentences
like a guilty verdict/ doing words like what the 2nd word in Pro verb is/
Hold on a sec first listen to the concepts/ move on and get 2nd is lyrical
content/ you’ll notice there’s been significant progress/ if you compare the
1st and the 2nd project/ I’m a scholar of the streets and this ma 2nd lesson/
back like answering the 1st with a 2nd question/ in the 1st second, I had
you 2nd guessing/ cause 1st of all I’m sharp enough to split a split second.

Verse 3
The 3rd verse is 3 times worse than the 1st/ so might miss 2 3rd’s and
only catch a 3rd/ you heard the 1st and 2nd anticipating the 3rd/ I make
your verse sound underdeveloped like the 3rd world/ this year’s the
verbally’s turn/ to drop something hot enough to give Deborah Patta
3rd degree burns/ you’ll get your 3rd degree learn, from the MaNuScirpt
I roll with a click of what 3 time a 3rd will equal/ A wack emcee’s worst
fear when verb’s near/ my 1st and 2nd hemisphere work in 3rd gear/
you’re a freshman like 1st year/ similar to Rodney King, I get beats that
are mad severer/ I’m bad enough to take 1st 2nd and 3rd place/ on the
rise like the Resurrection on the 3rd day/ your rhymes is basic 1st standard
like 3rd grade/ forget the ice and stone we’re living in the verb age/


1st – I came to it
2nd – I saw through
3rd - conquered this here hip hop music.