Hey yo DOME they not ready dogg
Let’s go…

[Chorus] X 2
It’s the P.R.O to the K.I.D
You know me I flow to the M.I.C
The best kid to ever come out of J.H.B
From the S.O.W.E.T.O…

Setting it off the loose fire letting it off
I’m breaking it off like rap music rapping ofcoz
Back in this course, quick to attack and cracking your jaw
They have no remorse, you still expecting a round of applause
Bouncing across the stage I’m announcing the laws
Counting on yours to stick around scouting for scores
Without any flaws, pay your dues enemies floss
Melody coursed my remedy heavenly cures
Hold up, a moment of silence dime is yours
How the kid strike back at ya flying outdoors
Trying to applause we leave your ass crying like a horse
Always on the look I spot craze eyes of a hawk
With power so aggressive it’s the size of a shark
The styles that I rock, in studio shine leave you with a spark
Since you busy hesitating I can lead to start
The season is hot, that should you give you the vision of what
Self discipline means, I pledge the lesions to art
To majita le magenge smoking trees in the park
Living it up corrupt I’m just bigging you up
To haters besides quitting stop giving it up
I’m whipping it up in many places giving them love
Thinking you the man, when you not easy that’s why
Is like pursuing big dreams with no belief in your heart
How can you pursue big dreams with all that grief in your heart
Ah… ah we don’t play that shit, spit that

[Chorus] X 2

From my beats perfect, I hit you when you least expect it
And make the whole crowd stand up like Prince erected
You being resurrected, the new king is being selected
You should have left it, the people never would have felt it
Watch how I melt it, that shit is crucial for your health kid
Like trying to get food or clothes or getting shot at
Now you protected me the chances of getting infected
When you situated in the position that’s liberated
It’s an initiation to give you a chance to be creative
I’ve been under-estimated under-rated and hated
Destroyed within dreams broken left for stray kid
Thought I wouldn’t give a fuck I felt the stricken
Now you probably wanna be a part of me, that’s why you bother me
My arteries gotta be properly shoveled like coronary
A prophecy normally follows me that’s why you bother me
But before you bring me philosophies you should holla B

[Chorus] X 2