I Dont Give A

Oh now what am I to do
When I keep getting these fabulous beats
Shit nice one Hoodlum
Let’s show them how to do this
Okay throw your hands up
Till you touch the…
Throw your hands up
Let’s make a move…

Let’s do it again like I did it before
But this time I’m pursuing a plan and I’m keeping it raw
So you can get with the jam while you move to the floor
Coz hey it’s about to start… here we go
The rapper the master that made you look
The one that you hate laid low and played you crooks
Your game I took and by the time I get to the hook
I’m like I don’t give a fuck what you think
As real as it gets I’m killing these cats
I’m billing this path for chaps who be feeling these raps
Is simple as that, and what now you thinking it’s wack
I don’t really care what you think

[Chorus x2]
I had my turn of struggling for too long
No backing down my hustle is too strong
Hate all you want but brother man you wrong
And I don’t give a fuck what you say

Still here still rapping still doing it loud
I’m still knocking them out still moving the crowd
It’s me the cat you know you can call me the Pro
On any type of track I let it go and master the flow
Like still blazing the beat stay based to the street
My ways are unique hater are weak facing defeat
They basically sweet, how can I put it face it then quit
But you don’t like it, okay I can change it a bit
But whether you like it or not, I’m still striking it hot
While you making brothers doze like a spike in a tot
I lightened them hot, here to bring the hype in the spot
They fighting a lot, but I leave them delighted and shocked
So yo let me be and set me free
And let me see if I can rock on that degree
To phat emcess I’m here to burn your calories
I rap with ease and focus while I stack these gees

[Chorus x2]

Yeah it’s kinda messed up though
When they take advantage
But it’s nothing I’ve been there trust me
Yeah just don’t loose me
Okay let’s go…

You can’t fuck with it, rock to it, coz you stuck with it
Push your luck with it, or want aint no stopping it
They most anticipated and hated I’m dropping it
Hot with it, feminine cats is soft with it
Now give me that mic I’ll show you how the shit’s done
Like how to word play a big night and spit puns
Split dumbs into pieces while you get some
Split some hit some and get ahead son
Forever shining on beats and we gon’ do it right
Pursue it right make it into good music like
We using it right, flow into it the afternoon and nights
And it never stops until the end

[Chorus x2]