Heads and Tales

Have you ever wondered what it takes to make a classic album? I’m sure we all have since we’ve claimed certain albums are “classics” over the years and forgotten about them three months after they were actually released. I think Prokid’s Heads & Tails was a classic South African Hip Hop album, most of you would be quick to agree with me just because, without knowing or understanding why I say so. A great hip hop album captures the mood and attitude of that time, Heads & Tails did that perfectly, because that’s when local rappers really started being proud of their mother tongue and spitting bars in Zulu and other indigenous languages. Yes, Pro wasn’t the first to do it, but he was the first to keep it really “hip hop” without breaking away from what the hip hop culture is all about. He didn’t sell out. He told us his story, a true South African story that most young people could relate to. His sharp tongue, dope Zulu raps & that grimy kasi flow are what propelled him to the top.


# Title Length
2 P.R.O.K.I.D. 3:05
3 Soweto 4:16
4 Ungaphel' umoya san 4:36
5 Let's Wait A While 4:23
6 It's over 4:33
7 I Dont Give A 3:41
8 No Mans Land 4:19
9 I Made It 4:37
10 They Fell 4:06
11 Ghetto Science 4:22
12 Wozobona 4:10
13 Living the Way I Should 4:16
14 Extraordinary 4:29
15 Fede Fokol 4:27
16 Celebrate 4:11