Don't Give Up

Sometimes you've got to take risks to follow
Or make your dreams a reality
It only takes one element in your life to sustain yourself
And that is consistency throughout all your obstacles
Be that one person that is loyal to one vision
So that all your energy is committed and directed
Mainly on what your heart desires

Come on African child don't lose yourself
Don't give up (x3)
Come on African child don't lose yourself
Don't give up (x3)

Sitting around and waiting for someone to make a move on something you want so bad
Or blaming the system in which the universe operates
Only gives you a step further from what you can fully achieve
But if you step up and take risks and responsibilities
In that which is destined for you
Then not even the sky is the limit
Patience is critical oh African child
Don't give up

Now preparation is key
Temporary pleasure won't sustain you
It only serves to defeat the purpose of the dreams that lie within you
So do not conform to what you see
Just because other people are doing it
Be resourceful
Live life with expectations no short cuts
Go all the way to reach your success
Can also carry you all the way
And always remember

Don't give up (x5)