Maybe Wrong

Woke up to a different story, to a different day
Up to a different point of view in
every way
I just didn't hear what you were trying to
say somehow (oh)
And I get so confused by the things
that you do
And it's hard to explain when
I don't understand you.

But I just need to see your face and
I feel alright (oh)
You mean so much to me
So much to me [2x] (oh)

Let's start with a different story in a
different way
I take this for granted oh not another day
I just wanted to hear what you were
trying to say right now (oh)
Well I'm just not the same without
you by my side
It'll take more than words for me to describe

You may be wrong you may be right
Far away or by my side
You see you're always on my mind
Whether asleep or I'm waking (oh)