Make you proud

PJ Black featuring ngalizo terror iya

Verse 1

Mama papa am finally made it what u were expecting me to achieve
i just wanna make u proud even though at the begginning it was not easy but now i reach my goal lyk rambo the first blood i heard this witches they say i woundn't but i could atleast 2018 am done wth school lyk lockintee i made it cos i can make it lyk benzo wabo lenzo skim sa menzo now is my time to focus on my future cos to live without money is lyk to live without girlfriend thats why i manage to do what i have to do wjen they see me they say hey hey hey this and that they will see me coming cos i use psychology thought and pathology mind am building setagane empire they say education is the key of success but money is the better one i made it lyk cassper nyovest am just struggling a little bit i had enough money i should feature king monada

Hook Ngalizo Terror

Mama i will make u proud papa i will make u proud i will make u proud u will see me up the mama i will make u proud papa i will make u proud i will make u proud u will see me up there.

Verse 2 pj black

Ive been relaxin almost a year no realizing new songs lot of people they were spreading lie they say that ke feletswi thats why kesa realizi they dont know about me cos am on the mission on television i need to take a action to make a vision am shining on the beat like a star tell me how do u feel me now i kill any rapper on the beat cos am a boss savage they are sayin that is the return of pj black mr african king i manage to make my self boss am making money with a profit i became richest rapper limpopo at the age of 19 388 music i salute u should be scared of a feature am ridding solo lyk jason derulo am so high i need parachute i became richer than ur favorite rapper is my fan hip hop it was my plan b ur future bae is my ex am ridding solo lyk jason derulo skwaa pj black music