Die Hits

Piet recently signed to EMI SA and a compilation of his best loved hits has been released including 3 new tracks recorded in September this year. 'Verslag', with lyrics by Breyten Breytenbach, which was previously only available on the 'Om Te Breyten' CD has also been added as a bonus track. The 3 new songs 'Vandat Jy Weg Is', 'Slagtersnek' and 'Wind en Weer' are welcome additions to Piet's catalogue of songs about life, the ghosts that haunt us and South African history. Ron Brettell (ex-Circus & Hotline and more recently involved with the 'We Are The Stormers' song and 'African Footprint' stageshow) has added an extra dimension to Piet's songs with his Hammond organ sound.

All Piet's classics are here including: 'Sien Jou Weer', 'Blues Vir Louise', 'Donkermaan' and 'Laat Die Wiele Rol'. A sad omission, though, is the brilliant song about the border war 'Goeienag Generaal' but maybe the CD compilers felt this song was too harsh for inclusion and I would probably have to agree.


# Title Length
4 Klein Bietjie Reën 4:39
5 Die Kind 4:38
6 Suitcase Vol Winter 4:23
7 Sien Jou Weer 4:04
8 Marilyn Monroe 3:10
10 Staan Saam Burgers 4:23
11 Blues vir Louise 4:50
12 Donkermaan 4:28
14 Van Tonder 4:36
16 Laat Die Wiele Rol 5:22