now get closer
I can feel our eyes touch;
fires in your hours on divine stuff;
making mad pictures in confinement;
pinnacles align and force arises, magic in the flames of your mindset
you can feel the vibe get crazy when your eyes get lazy
naked in the flames, sucking on your miniscule pictures of the pretty kids
and fuckin' up the city shit; enveloping the millions,
acting like I give a fuck, put your fuckin' fingers up;
Love is all I know.

Pocketful of fucks makin' heads roll, you can sleep dead though
sleeping on your pension, dancing on your death with your restful intentions
Six and five five's all pretty when I dive off, medal in my mouth;
now lemme breath deeper,
you can be the creature that I love but my head says
'Fuck you!
Fuck you!'

Africa will burn;
but love spills deep, blood inside the cracks of my dust filled feet;
making friends with my painself, egodeath is real when you reach out;
you can go to sleep now, never chasing death I make peace with the freaks;
pieces of the friends that I meet see me, stand tall when I speak,
twenty five five's I'm alive when I ride off; twenty five mind's in compiling,
beautiful and violent; still breath deep;
magic in the flames that I keep, close to the pain that I see crushed deep
Pain is a pleasure make peace, pain is a pleasure make peace.

Make bitches wet in the desert, drink it up a toaster cup to Batman tendencies;
a chilling tale, ridden in a fire pit,
reflected in the the iris of a spy intent on killing kings for diamonds;
we travel deep into the desert most princess' won't let me come close;
so let your hair down hold it while I...

Make you wet in the desert;
stretch in the desert; straight sex in the desert,
I'm a wreck for your pleasure bitch, test me,
recipe for gold flakes think about the future while the whole entire room shakes,
sipping up and hoping for a better shot at love I'm suckin' troubled clits so drunk
fucks rubbing on your milk filled tits;
Milk equals water lemme have it;
I'm the thirstiest agorian the stamp sand platter;
trading spice for a life, I'm a villian on a tight rope;
Cynicism at night, no it's criminal to bite flows
riding on my pipe dreams I could see the light while you were crying in your diapers,
fighting with my night chills; looking at my bike,
I could run away tonight and take control of my life still
I see 'em when I'm rapping and I know the globe will love me
just aslong as we can catch this, fat kids rapping on an anxious beat
I fill my shoes with the memories and rap for free,
I fill my shoes with the memories and rap for free.