Frozen megalopolis,
building out your screens,
hotter than a matchhead,
stretching out my kite strings,
faces; kids fucking hard in the basement,
light-sabre flavoured milkshakes; can you taste it;
it's the dark city; it's the unicorn;
born to be better; born with a purple uniform,
frozen heart shots and jumps that's impossible;
probably tomorrow when you still fuckin' horrible

Kiss my forehead, kiss my rollerblades,
broken toes, ripped clothes and flows from the opening;
blood; I never knew you loved me so much,
I'm still a vampire cringing at my surrogates touch;
dark raven; making my thought predictions;
and I'm looking at the books that you made for Christmas
making list after list of my hopeless wishes;
suck my dick from the back like the broken bitches!

Yo, slip into the place with my face off;
backpacks stackin' mad batches and stamp pads;
matchin' with the mad cats;
mish n' mash n' mingle make a killing;
bumping villians pushing bicycle rides and bumping magic;

Molly poppin' motherfuckin' sucker face,
bubble livin' up a case amazing;
falling over crazy; future mad pretty though,
pictures in my brain making cool rap videos,
hands down, guns up, tell 'em what the fucks up,
punch ups in slomo, homo for the phobics
and drone clones in motions,
kick a fuckin' door down exploding compulsions,
naked in a ocean of coldness, fuckin' with the motion and shit;
tryna suck the blood from my vampire dick, some hangwire shit,
leave me in peace breathe my nature,
the number of the beast is the number for my agent;
now sing with me.