Origin of the Future

Black Massive Ridiculous;
bleeding compensation with my vocals
just to flow into the breeding of a space chimp.
Hey you, bring it on, I'm spitting on the break of dawn,
with hyper human gangsta bluff tryna' get the ache all gone (*?)

Now, I break away from mystic mind numb-ers
and lazer blast a pack and pacifying space visitors
I'm plastic, -*your mothers/brothers get fucked in the mad rif (?)
-*you others get fucked in the madness (?)
Double cuffed-super minds suckin' on the bad shit,
Plastic bionics get dragged into synthesis
Next type Disco shit is probably what the difference is,
Mind set,super charge a second hand floor pattern


Intestinal, freak show to compliment the festival
Arrested on the spot with all your personal collectibles,
this stamp's going to poison my boys and I-
I got poison in my pocket for the relocation of my space rocket,
around the globe like a telescope,
instead I leave the centrepoint of gravity,
to jus' blast them like a poppy seed,
Oh! in the field of kings
when Kga' Mothlanthe was a president
with a fickle please n' proper voice of a friendship (*?)

Ahhh I'm tensed up like medieval scientists,
or the child you called a hobo, bored of your appliances
I'm dining with the best,
Dying is just a figment of society,
a matter that you bother rapping,
claiming your sobriety.

Decorate my space ship with fake tits and maces,
moved out into space to escape my mothers basement,
the earth is kinda boring so I thought I'd dissapear.
Here's a finger for the angels,
I'm living in the air
joking with the jesus,
fuckin' with the demons,
turn into a super proud motherfuckin' heathen
and cruise around the universe and try to keep it cool
and eat up all the children I find swimming in my pool
my rocket runs up animals and little children laugh
'coz -my kind can't be disguised (*?)
-I'm underneath the skies (*?)
eat a bunch of acid hearts,
man I can turn into a unicorn whenever I get bored,
and gobble up the problems,
and marked men,
and goblins