Sick of the week
I hope you da freak
on the weekends..

Sick of the week I hope you the freak on the weekends,
Flick back, fuck that, eat mad
demons and sleep
Maybe lose your mind while you sleeping
creeping, screamin' bout heathens
The Mundane Mondays, kinda like the rest of the week
sit around and wait for me to speak about
dinosaur love
and animals
and aliens
and voices in my head that scream

Like a motherfuckin' bird!
Suffocate your children with the word;
'Player, watch out for mad kids tryna sneak a threeway,
and watch out for the bad girls tryna do the same
It's my madness, bad kids, fuckin' with the baddest

Let's cut through the clutter, big set faggots
fuckin' with your butter,
Eat when we speak,
we're all kinda creepy,
Fuckin' mad bass,
eat lots of junk food
and jump when we sing shit

Black matter fingerless,
Desk job, superhuman scream shit;
flickin' through your Rolodex,
lookin' for a dream bitch,
Weekday sucker fag,
shudder with the love of that,
trouble me with rubber guns
and vampires suffer, mad planets
Call me if you need a little bad shit,
popping out your cupboard here's some booty with my bad flip, what?

I'm channeling the powers of the Megatron,
better duck sucker, you'll be lucky if you're head is on
Massive; epidemic zombies on my flash disk
Hepatitus; trouble bubble fuckin' with the bad shit

'in a dream I'll speak,
chubby wubby wub freaks
lead the fat kids fuckin' with
the blackness with fingers in 'em

and now I'm spitting on the break of dawn
creaking with the freaks, don't speak
and let the beat rock you in the teeth
it's the beast fuckin' with the paranormal feast
and the happy little demon babies struggling to breathe
Fuck that shit!
Suckin' on the nipples of a bad bitch
soakin' in the universe of hyper-driven madd shit
Starship trooper, your brains a lil' stupid and it
takes a lil' while for you to catch up on the new shit