Dinosaur Blood!

P.H.Fat's debut album "Dinosaur Blood" is swampy mix of gut-stirring bass and sticky psycho-delic dubby beats overlaid with luscious lyrics, which, when experienced, feels like the musical equivalent of a sweaty bone-crushing hug from a sexy alien from outer space. "Dinosaur Blood" is an aural mind f**k for sure.
Danger danger P.H.Fat releases Dinosaur BloodIt hurts your ears and brain, but you like it. The, first and title track, Dinosaur Blood, immediately sucks you in with its slippery super powers. Next up, the ever-popular The Big Five ft. Fuzzy Slipperz is just as electric on disc as it is live. Freak; definitely one of my fav tracks, is pure brilliance, taking you on quite the layered lyrical roller-coaster, with hooks so sharp and shiny they could catch a megalodon.

Space Thug, featuring that smooth Spoek Mathambo, is crazy X-rated, while Jabu's Dance Team makes you feel as if you've been teleported to an electro Jurassic Park parallel universe filled with hungry beasties and retro computer games. And just when you feel like you can't take any more, Cigarette Fingers soothes your shattered nerves with its sultry meandering beats. This respite is short-lived, however, and soon enough you are immersed into the rich colourful P.H.Fat -mother-land world filled with sticky lizards and proud lions.


# Title Length
1 Dinosaur Blood 3:55
2 The Big Five 2:15
3 Freak 4:33
4 Disco Biscuit 3:41
5 Origin of the Future 2:52
7 Space Thug 2:10