Ain't Life

Ain't Life (Prod. by Last Born)

PEAKTUAL ft none

Trap Star Mixtape (2018)

Artist: King Scoot
Tittle: Ain't Life
Album: Trap Star Mixtape-Single
Track Number 5
I Once got discriminated
and people with me like a Shit
you gotta put a lotta reaction
they hating on me
and I ain't got time for them
They still laughing
you gotta do something
to show them that you got something
I once lost momma and I've been there
growing up without a father ain't a solution
but that's God's Plan
men killing women like animals
and they strike back as a rock
people remove the stress by rolling joints
the life we are living is so hard
momma once told me not to drop outta school
I gotta do what she asked for to make her proud
I even want to impress the crowd
sometimes things they do is just more than killing
all the pitches wannna...
I luh you guys I'm telling y'all