There is a woman in Somalia
Scraping for Bones on the road side
There's a force stronger than nature
Keeps her in a line
This is how she's dying
Shes dying to survive
Don't know what she's made off?!
I would like to be that brave
She lives a life
She didn't choose
And it hurts like brand New shoes..
Hurts like brand new shoes

[Verse 1]
What it look like?!
Its been a minute but maybe no
I'm crazy hot...
I've been drifting through the darkness
Shifting through the rubble shit is God blessed
Stood the test of time,
I look a hot mess but God knows
Mama said finish your food you gotta clean your plate
They say you gotta lose your life before they see you great
Tears fallin from an Angel's eyes
I've been blessed but I'm still alive
Let the real arise'
I took the time for yal to realise the real is I
Still soaring through them skies like an eagles eye'
Even my clique know
I'm odd but I'm sick though
Pass the spliff though im tryna fly with no wings boss
On my mama this gon heal you cuz
Fuck a prescription!
This music fin to build you cuz
I'm alone in my zone again
Just let the music talk'
You can try these shoes on but its gon hurt to walk'
Let the angels sing


[Verse 2]
I don't care bout the bars
Shit I don't care bout the fame or the lights or the bitches in this game
I'm just tryna search for somethin
Evoke that somethin' thats in you
Motherfucka i swear to God there's somethin
My sister told me my profanity is peaking now
I know I cuss a lot I'm tryna let that demon out
And once I let it out
I take a breath, I'm breathing now
Nothin fin to stop us we gon cook til the kick Us out...
And even then the music live forever
I invite my fellow greats we gon kill together
I hope you feel my letter
Take time to read this letter',
Everyday i sharpen my pen I seek for better
Ways to climatise, people seem to idolise my honest scribe,
Subscribe to a Greater power.
God still live inside..
This is prophecy
Yeah this is prophecy
Best believe no other rapper out here can mirror me
Let the angels sing


[Verse 3]
To my fans I've been beaten and bruised
I gave my heart to you its clear that I got nothing to lose
I still dig deep
Pull out that magic inside me
I pray Christ really keep that magic inside me
Maybe the magic is dying
Maybe I'm searching for higher me
My thoughts heavy and dark, I'm looking for lighter me
Close a chapter with a verse
I know it hurts to be a "Have not but God is with us, so we gon brawl til our heads drop"
Til our heads drop I started
Now I can't stop
Truth be told when you the light it seldom gets dark.
Red roses, red roses
Hope's alive but I stray coz I need focus
Sometimes nothing makes sense and it seems hopeless
But nothing that was worth having is a breeze know this. .
My eyes heavy
But I still own this.
Still carry a lot of weight on my steel shoulders .