Ballad of a Soldier

Grown man talk please lend me your ears
Most fall to the way side driven by fears
But not me, I see my vision vivid and clear
Papa didn’t die in vain heart bleeding with flare
I’m not the same man I done made stupid decisions
But I ask for your attention so pleased if u could listen
To a ballad of a soldier
It’s getting colder sometimes the stress weighs down heavy
My shoulders bruised and aching
I’m looking for a room to stay inn
Never satisfied who’s to say when?
We Stop the madness, close to the top I have been
I’m just stuck’ tripping over the fake shit
I’m still’ dreaming working so hard but they fail to see my vision
Chasing after money all day ’cause ain’t shit different
Cut from a separate cloth because I was raised different
Hard body never soft they say I’m cocaine wishing
I sit take a breather relax
And then I think about the shit I dun been through but fact is that I’m missing out
On spending time with my precious mother
She taking in the stress brought on by my recklessness brother
And shit crazy can time stand still?
Hell nah’ it keeps ticking and I can’t deal
Now I can’t feel shit, since I lost you
And Now its really difficult to find someone to talk to
Damn’ Laugh Now Cry Later
Or Maybe I should say Live Now and Die Greater
I feel alone I’m in need of my savior
Passion never sleep, if it does then why make us
This the time when the kings fought back
Write every line I write I try to kick more crack
And every time, I dream I feel blessed
Pops said I’m passionate I’m really try’na reinforce that
But Lord can you hear my soul crying out,
Started whit a bold scream, now the dream dying out,
Hell nah never that
I can’t let the fire stop burning
Or else I’mma die still bugging out
Life gets messy
Dreams get hazy, things switch up
Even the sane get crazy
Damn what I do to deserve this
Music speak through me, I’m an instrument, a servant
All My broke niggas keep your head up
Every day is still a chance to get your bread up
I understand it ain’t easy and you’re stressed but
A soldier die hard so forever put your strap up
She told that eyes say I’m demon possessed
So numb is my heart ’cause I keep it compressed
How come all day I gotta keep her check
Before I start eating ready I’mma ask for the cheque
So real till I’m one whit the dust
Best believe it gets better ’cause in God we trust
Don’t fear nobody I believe that I’m touched
To be the greatest in the continent
Indeed it’s a must
I’m Gone

This is a ballad of a soldier (x4)
So matter what you go through
Just keep moving forward
No matter what you do
Rest in Peace Kurt Cobain