Blu Murda

This was supposed to be his debut album on Street Novelty, but they parted ways and he decided to give his fans for free. The LP has features from Maggz, Clu, Blaklez, Reverb, Ras, Smashis, Kid X and more. The Beat boys, Sean Pages & more on production.... Give credit where it's due, undoubtedly one of the best RAPPERS S.A ever produced. His appearances on Bongani Fassie’s Rise, L-Tido’s All or Nothing and stablemate BlakLez’s debut Black Beast has only strengthened his presence on South Africa’s hip hop circuit. The 28-year-old seems hell bent on turning himself into an all-round performer and fans of the pan-African hit series Jacob’s Cross and the South African telenovela iNkaba may recognise PdotO in his guise as an actor. Signed to independent Pretoria label CapCity Records, the rapper is in the process of releasing his much-anticipated debut album, Devilz Playground


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This is P's dopest mixtape