Early Age

Lyrics: Early Age
Artists: Pablo Bullotizer


Yeah Early Age!!! immoloud now!!!
classic Shiid!!!

[Verse 1]

I can't get over a fact that am lit
Am 18 started at the early age
am growing too quick i mean too big Shakespeare with the loyalty
i never been a good kid to the folks or in school i barely wanna go outside i feel like am in hell damm it's too hot
Certos boy i don't care what you are calling me i hate myself either
i thank god that i managed to think and tell you how i feel
feeling like am hella blessed even though i got no royalty i got a loyalty
big crib whith a bunch of cars this is all dream
I forgot that am role model black nigga no light or light skin I'vebeen battling this shiid in the dark now
i wrote too many lyrics when i was 13 damm i can't even translate it
am too broke but lyrically rich man am too deep amitiv nex

[Verse 2]

bloody mafackas busy hating
i can see now am overrated
I build shiid like bob the builder
dirty sprite bronclear i gotta play it fair
i gotta state a new deal like F.D roosevelt
am like martin Luther king nigga i have dream
so sad i don't have a peace
am all about myself that's it i don't feel no pressure
i cam along and become the game changer
Early Age shiid body work damm now i simply need a pay cheque
Lit shiid when i work trap nigga vibin on the rap shiid just to tell a story
i predict a future no offense like mick folley
call upon me when you need a verse cause am always on it
i embrace myself and keep moving
thank god for the blessings
No perfect cam just a broken lens planet earth


Started at the early age when i script a verse
all my past shiid was a mess i run too slow yea-yea i need to press