Changes (Prod. by Wayse beats)

Pablo bullotizer ft N/A

BadSoul Ep (2019)

Lyrics: Changes


Yeah!! Changes!!

[Verse 1]

All of my gees are stoners
Busy craving for cash
Mama told me i have to keep it real so I can get better days
Am not good enough wearing razor chains
Life is more important but we can't live without cash
Young nigga awaits for changes
It's hard to feel something and figure how to do an Action
I keep my head up and start dreaming daily
Looking like a boy growing up it's not early
Changes shut out to the basement

[Recorded Audio]

[Verse 2]

Where will I be if I haven't hold a mic
It's hard poppin this niggas got their freedom
Am perfect but crazy codeine in my syndrome
Look all sides I be like martin Luther King
No one can believe what I did
Certos boy young nigga am not one of the 80s
I thank god for keeping me the boy is getting real in stitches
Badsoul am not ready for the mission
I gotta get a guap and start building my mama a mansion
I close door in my room and kneel down and start praying
I never let my peers bull me if u gottaa understand
Lyrically nigga never mind what you do about what you heard
I don't think I can hold it back now I put my self on the high wave
Life is like a bitch so nigga I have to cheat "Changes

[Recorded Audio]