The Enemy

Why worry bout the enemy
That ain't the baggage that you supposed to be carrying yo
Why should I worry bout my enemy
Just keep on playing my favorite song on the radio

Verse 1:
Should I worry bout the enemy
My plans will fall
Why leave them in jeopardy
Caus someone out there decided to be hating me
Or am doing great, then they decided to not liking me
It's so absurd
So you pissed off to end yo I heard
Caus the boy is flying so high and he's not a bird
Leaving your face and weak hard so red
You playing with fire, careful you will get burned

It's so absurd
Why y'all people stupidly getting hurt
Y'all have so much, why worry bout what he has
Why don't you take that energy and use it to fix your life instead

It's so
I'm chilling nicely in God's hands why you poking me
You speak me bad, behind my back why you poking me
Y'all fake, disloyal even to your damn selves
Then I have to waste time with you Caus you can't bear me being best, rest


Verse 2:
I'm flexing
And yeah I ain't got those many coins
I trust myself
Translated to man from being baby boy
Translated from being poor to being rich up in the dome
I'm very promising and that is what that they can't avoid

So they sending hatred in fake smiles and fake laughter
Them fake texts, heh I see you good and you going upper
The hell is wrong with you, man you sound like a jealous lover
You better let go, them things you are doing are way above ya

So stick in your lane
Focus on your life instead, caus we here to stay
Till our lives are constantly fed
Till the fruits of our labour are surrounding us on them beds
Even them I don't promise that we gonna end

Am on steroids for real
Tryna stop me you dumb
I'm done with y'all stinking vibes, is like they come from your gut
Let them kids do themselves
All we want is good Future
As we succeed
Transporting your hate to hell in an uber