Butterfly (Prod. by Sammy s)


Love, life and light (2019)


Olokiki olokiki ni o

Verse 1

Girl I wanna be With you
But you against my fate o
Girl I wanna live with you
Make me dey ask you say o
Am I not fit o
To be your one and only
Am I not fit o
Baby stop tell me story
I tell you come and do
You fake me everyday e
My mind dey follow you girl
You do me many segee
Am I not fit o
To give you daily kissing
Am I not fit o
To give you morning hugging


Butterfly baby fe pami
Butterfly fimi we gele o
Butterfly ko ma gbo temi
She tell me say Mi o kawe

Butterfly turn me around o
Butterfly dey make me sad o
Butterfly dey kill my heart o
Just because I call her to love me

You gonna kill somebody o
You gonna wound somebody o
You gonna kill somebody o

Verse 2

Me I no be olodo rabata
I get a big head o
Girl bo sen fimi sawada
Lon jimi key point o
Malo ro polorun kogbo temi
Rara baby o
Malo ro polorun kose fun Mi
Rara baby o
My mummy dey hustle soo that
Kemi le kawe
And she dey pray me blessing
Even every night and day
But own tolorun loke
Bako koma le tase lailai
I dey ask you to love me
People ask me kilode why
Ife ki seese baby mafi Mi sere jor
I love you tori torun o
Iwo ni ma balo



Labalaba ololufe Mi
Labalaba (3x)
Labalaba dakun mapami
Labalaba (3x)
Labalaba olokiki ni o