The story is two sided
How could a nigga run a unicycle front
And say that he's too tired
Please don't make me laugh bro
That's what you sound like
When you say that you stack dough
Y'all need to sound right
When you say that you bag hoes
'Cause we don't hear you brother
You only say that you the best
When we not near you brother
My squad got that thing-thing
So when you hear that ring-ring
Better understand we don't fear you brother
Couldn't deal with this sort of sickness
'Cause they know the real
Plus I'm outstanding like Jehova's witness
Wrong nigga, shit, I'm the don nigga
Don't be fucking with the wrong nigga, you bitch
Please pardon the weak rappers
They sound like a bunch of faggots that need Pampers
Motormouth niggas
Hating on the fact that the boy here
Done brought more record than Pete Sampras
Man I'm exactly where I should be
I thought I told you I'm exactly where I should be
You niggas try to cook beef
But over here we don't see your tracks homey
Like a shorty with a good weave
You try to compare nigga
But never been a top then nigga
Man I done told you that the bars here are hot
Like a waiter serving warm beer nigga
Not hanging with such rappers
My goons bang more hammers than judge Mathis
Star status, see nothin matters
When my camp grab the toolie-toolie
You know we on
And your bithc better check the tone 'cause we lowkey
Like when you place your thumb on a saxophone
The Barry version, I fuck with every person
Understand that I ain't about the coon shit
I'm dope nigga, yeah I feel like Scotty Pippen 98
'Cause I ain't about the bullshit
Ricking white Ts with some chinos
Feel like I'm Denero in Casinos
Slugs when you not looking
Put you in machines that sound like microwaves
When they done cooking

See some brother in Jo'burg said I'm fire
'Cause I'm what you find
When you mix some Flabba with Proverb
Causing damage, see 4 out your top 5 niggas average
Much respect to the legends
But I think I'm me on lines
Even he titter thugs can't be this mean on lines, you dig
Shit I'm the best in the city
9 out of 10 can attest in the city
Bitch I'm not a guest in this city
Ey yo Rushiano nigga you got next in this city, what
You see my talk is different
I'm a dog but my bark is different
Niggas been sounding the same
With me you gon see more change
Than when you pay for parking tickets, you dig
Now quit fronting like you boss, toe
I know niggas that you lost to
But you think you got better dough
BItch we laugh out loud
'Cause yo in between Ls like the letter O
No, you ain't a beast to us
You ain't tough you ain't Mamelodi East to us
You ain't rough and you ain't about the life that we speak about
We heard what you cats gon critique about
Like who's dope or who's sicker
Who got more cheese in the group picture
Who's hot and who's not but...
Honestly we not in the mood fam
Ask me what my goons got or do fam
They sit around an open fire like a school camp
Boombap season, nigga I'm back for a reason
And you better show me randelas
'Fore I pop a G (Papa G) like Georgie Zamdela

So don't fuck with the kid right
'Cause the boy too legit right
Yeah I click click bang on 'em, ease up
'Cause you know he's fought with the baddest
And he dumb nice like he was a retard with manners
I seen you cats sit and mumbling
Mad 'cause you see a nigga stack chips and lunching
Rands and the Nairas, nah
A brother's getting more punds nigga
Than a fat kid in London
So don't front like you don't know who the beast is
Who the king from Mamelodi East is
You know I get busy, I get busy
And If y'all niggas don't believe me
Wait for Beatmochini to release this