[Verse 1: Nveigh]
S'dakwe njani nabonunus
Abo-sweety my baby, abojunjus
S'phuze ngaka namaauthi wam
Later daar s'fike s'ganga nabomuntuza
Lesghubhu s'khala amasheleni
And sibang' umsindo in your hood boy
Eb'suku k'khala amathekeni
Maungabangi umsindo, be a good boy
Your bitches hear me like, who's he
Me I'm one of a kind, she can't refuse me
How you say your broad's hating my guts
When the boy's got her raising on nuts
Like he had muesly
When we hit your town
Thina sim'thebelele, sim'thebelele
Better sit your down
Because siyigelegeqe, siyigelegeqe

Awung'yeke man, awung'yeke man
Awung'yeke man, ng'yenz' izinto engidume ngazo
Awung'yeke man, basiyeke man
Basiyeke man, siyenz' izinto es'dume ngazo

[Verse 2: Maggz]
Izolo bengiblome naleyigidlawaar
Siyabon' izolo maar ispinza waar
Mintshi, sifun' uk'dakwa nizos'thinta daar
Quick, before bahamba sabaphinda ah shit
And send her back to her man
But she don't wanna leave,
Saw the stacks on her hand
And now she wann ahng like the sag on my pants
But I told her on condition we have sex with her friend
She was like eish nawe
I hope you can handle us, sifuna amaqhawe
I'm like bitch please, the name is Magazini
If you heard about me the you know how I get busy
I don't play that, remember way back
Bitches never looked twice, now it's payback
So I menage em for each bad memory
I need that therapy


[Verse 3: Nveigh]
These lame dudes just front ma
See we came here to get booze and blunt ma
See this homey just came through ngok'bamba
Bheka here dude, uzobamba
The reason is, homey you got minor coaching
But you don't need, upheth' incondo yale ngijane
We now rhino poaching bu you know me
Ng'pheth' iphondo laka bhjani