Chorus: Npk Twice
Tell me about these niggers
I don't fuck with it
Don't tell me about these bitches
I don't fuck with it x2

Fuck with it
Nigger I don't fuck with it x4

Verse: Npk Twice
All that talk shit we ain't feeling it
Everybidt wanna know where you get it at
I'd wear a suit with a fucking hat
I don't care what you think my man
Since you claim you fucked my bitch
Which one got alot of those
Pimpin Dawg got alot hoes
I crunch pussy like nanchos
I ain't got a lot of friends
Niggers snitch and tell lies
Niggers gon betray you
And smile on ya face dude
I'd be standing still if I walk in your pace
I dropped her and called again
I don't trust these bitches man
Niggers think they know me
Came back with an Ep
You talk shit you don't know me
Bitches think they know me
Bitches in the air cos every time they blow me
Call center booty calls and the fucking line is tall free