i got tired of waiting

Npk Twice
I Got Tired Of Waiting

[Talking:Npk Twice]
Turn Me Up?
Leme Speak To this other Guy
Uhm Here Goes

[Verse:Npk Twice]
Dear lord we ain't talked in a while
But thanks for everything that you done for a nikker
Thanks for my family lord they a Blessing
Thanks for the talent,its also a Blessing
But I ain't blow yet
Is that a Plan God?
gotta be patient mOre,and pray more god?
It will work more,I'm still a fan God
I'm on my knees every day
Thanking you lord for Each Day
This song gon surprise you
Or inspire you
Or even both,Aspire you
Lord knows I ain't perfect 'I still try God'
But shii still happen 'like why God'
Is this this your plan God?
Its Okay God
I still love you God
I hit a Red Rod
I miss my fam God...
The woman that I love don't love me back!
Is this also your plan? Well it sucks
Sorry for my tone God
I gotta Ask God
I feel so alone God
How's my Aunt God?
I know she's with you God...
Up there in heaven
And hope she's also listening

[Chorus:Npk Twice]
IM down Knees
Begging you Please
Please show me the way
I'm tired of waiting
I got tired of waiting
[Hook: Npk Twice]
Dear Lord
I'm tired of waiting
Tired of waiting
I got x 2
I got tired Of waiting
I'm just tired